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ToddaLoo for Corporates

Daycares | Shopping Centres | Family Venues | Hospitals

The Toddaloo is the first dual toilet seat in South Africa. This dual toilet seat is uniquely fitted with the integrated toddler and adult toilet seats, that can effortlessly be interchanged as and when they are each needed.

This easy-to-install, high-quality dual toilet seat uses a soft closing hinge ensuring that no little fingers are trapped while potty training on the Toddaloo! This revolutionary product allows children from the ages of +- 18 months, to 7 years old to use the toilet comfortably without clinging onto a regular toilet seat for the fear of falling in! The ToddaLoo is constructed of durable pure polypropylene that resists fading, staining, chipping and peeling and has a high resistance to chemicals when it comes to cleaning.

Replace your facility’s toilet seats with the stylish and functional Toddaloo! This ingenious toilet seat is loved by Moms and Dads nationwide, and they will thank you for it! Wherever there are small children, there should be a Toddaloo!

Here are places and spaces where we recommend a Toddaloo:

Child-Specific Educational and Care Facilities: Daycares, Crèches, Pre-Primary schools

The costly exercise of buying and replacing those rows of unsightly potties, as well as the stench and mess of portable potties is a thing of the past with the Toddaloo! Children’s fears of falling into the toilet and clinging to the seat will be a thing of the past, giving their hands freedom and the safe feeling while sitting securely during potty training. This safety gives children a sense of independence and can encourage the use of the toilet because they are going “just like their parents”. The big and scary transition from potty to grown up toilet is removed and potty training is quicker and smoother for both teachers and parents.

By installing a Toddaloo, your staff, parents, customers and most importantly, Toddlers will thank you!

Any Public Access Facilities: Shopping Centres, Petrol Stations, Restaurants, Party Venues, Children Entertainment facilities, Kids sporting facilities, Hospitals.

Visiting a public toilet with little ones is no longer a daunting and unhygienic task, with the Toddaloo! Often in public spaces, the only Family restroom sees queues of moms and tots waiting their turn. Asking a little one to “hold on” while waiting in queues at high traffic areas is always tough, and can result in “accidents”. By installing the Toddaloo into your adult cubical toilet facilities, small children can then avoid the congestion and accompany their parent to the toilet in a relaxing, comfortable and quick manner (for both parent and tot!).

By the flip of a toilet seat, both adults and toddlers can use the same toilet with total ease. The over-flapping toilet seat is designed to keep air-borne bacteria to a minimum and the soft close hinges ensure no trapped fingers. Hygiene is almost always a concern since regular toilet seats simply do not accommodate the needs of little ones, who usually have to hold onto these adult only seats.

The Toddaloo is the ultimate solution for any family-friendly destination, or private or public space! It eliminates waiting, general hygiene issues by transforming traditional adult only toilets and cubicles into family friendly toilets, therefore freeing up the family restrooms for baby changing and breastfeeding.

By installing a Toddaloo, your staff, parents, customers and most importantly, Toddlers will thank you!

Wherever there is a kid, there should be a ToddaLoo!