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About Us

Quinton and Leandra Malan form the core of Tintinkies. It was inspired by their very own little bambinos whilst going through the potty training milestone….after many “tongue in the cheek moments” they decided that there must be an easier and better solution out there.

They wanted to find a solution to fit into today’s fast-paced lifestyle, but not compromise on the safety and well-being of their little ones.

ToddaLoo made it possible to potty train our kiddies in a matter of days as it eliminates the fear of falling in and making the monkey see monkey do effect so much easier when watching parents and siblings use the toilet.

The next struggle came when they took their kids out to public places and actually realising South Africa doesn’t really cater for toddlers in the bathroom category.

The dream was born there and then to try and change this by inspiring and promoting ToddaLoo to owners of malls, restaurants, creches, etc as well as all parents ensuring that wherever you “go”, whenever you “go”, you will always find a ToddaLoo to make life so much easier.

“We know that Tintinkies dream will become your dream to even out the kinkles to make more time for giggles!”


Wherever there is a kid, there should be a ToddaLoo!