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Tintinkies presents... the ToddaLoo!

The only dual toilet seat available in South Africa for Potty Training.


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ToddaLoo is your COMPLETE toilet potty training solution!

This awesome toilet training seat concept will change your life!

Avoid the hassle and mess of other methods & make toilet training easy with ToddaLoo for the whole family!

We all go through the adventures of toilet training.  Potty training is part of becoming a “big girl/boy,” but can be challenging and tiresome for parents. Don’t worry; the ToddaLoo can help make this positive milestone easier for you and your child. No fear, no mess and no stress. Potty training happens naturally, effortlessly and fast.

ToddaLoo is ideal for initial potty training, and can remain installed until your child is big enough to fit comfortably on an adult seat, and will help diminish your child’s anxiety over “falling” into the toilet. The ToddaLoo is the perfect toilet seat for the whole family.

The toilet can resemble an amusement park, with an array of steps, ladders, inserts and other attachments all trying to make going to the toilet a little easier for the little bums in our family. The problem is, this all needs to come back off when older siblings or parents want to use the toilet.

With the ToddaLoo there will be no more adding or removing of the painful inserts or cleaning messy portable potties.

Get your ToddaLoo family toilet training seat now!

Simply replace your normal toilet seat with the ToddaLoo, which has separate toddler and adult seats integrated into the one unit, with the toddler seat being there but also hidden when not required.

The ToddaLoo is so easy to use. With a simple up and down movement of the seat on the ToddaLoo, which your child can do themselves, will empower them by giving them an added sense of independence. After all, with potty training, they are turning into “big” girls and boys.

The ToddaLoo is based on practicality and not cuteness. We want to bring parents something that really works. It is every bit as durable as any current toilet seat.

With so many inserts and portable potties on the market, the decision making process on which one to buy for your child can become an overwhelming and very expensive exercise.

ToddaLoo is sensibly priced and really instils the WOW factor to all parents who come across it, whilst never compromising on incredibly high standards of safety and control for you and your child.

  • The ultimate solution for making your toddler comfortable to use the toilet without having to grab and cling onto the toilet seat
  • Eliminating the need to use a toilet seat insert which moves and pinches
  • Creating independence so your toddler can take themselves to the toilet
  • Keeping your sanity throughout the toilet training process
  • Making the ‘big toilet’ easy for a child to use
  • No fear, no mess, and no stress
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Made of strong polypropylene to absorb abuse from little hands
  • Designed to handle all types of traffic, whether in your local shopping centre, your favourite family restaurant, your little one’s crèche or simply your own bathroom at home
  • High quality finish to compliment any bathroom
  • Easy to fit – no tools required
  • Custom design allows children to sit up front in a relaxed hands-free position for extended periods
  • Potty training happens naturally, effortlessly and fast, saving you hundreds of Rands in nappies and pull ups
  • One product used from beginning of initial potty training straight through to using the adult toilet comfortably, allowing your child to grow familiar to it


  • Fits 99.9% of toilets due to the adjustable four-setting hinge
  • Two settings to compensate for the width of the holes in fixed porcelain bowl
  • Two settings to compensate for the reclining of the toilet seats, to ensure toilet seats stays open.
  • The ToddaLoo is a very easy to install toilet training seat

Why Choose the ToddaLoo? Because it means...



The Child and Adult Seat in one means it is a simple up/down action with a fixed seat versus removable insert. No more training seat pinching or moving on your child.


Creating a safe and secure environment for your child. Relaxation and comfiness is important for a child when using a toilet to ensure they empty their bowels properly without any haste, if not this can lead to constipation.


The ToddaLoo fits in with today’s fast-paced lifestyle. No more cleaning portable potties or accidents off the floor. Training your child only one time to use a toilet and never again.


With a simple movable step, your child can take themselves to the toilet. The soft closing feature of the seats, ensures that they can’t hurt themselves.

Get Your Own ToddaLoo Now!

ToddaLoo Child-Friendly Dual Toilet Seat Takes Just Minutes To Install.
Quick release, Slow close, Durable, Innovative, Easy installation.
A potty training product that children actually LOVE to use!

Wherever there is a kid, there should be a ToddaLoo!